Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday afternoon

Pinprick-sized snow flakes are falling.  Forest just asked for scissors to trim his painting.
Walker is sleeping, and it is so quiet I can hear the beans bubbling on the stove.  The day is gray, but my mood is not.  Despite the clutter on every available surface (including the floor), it feels cozy in the cabin.  I should be cooking, cleaning, unpacking (boxes), packing (for a weekend in Cambridge), but as I was about to tackle the dishes I paused to look out the window.  The snow, the trees, and the quiet stopped me.  It is peaceful here.  Brooklyn feels like another dimension.

Walker woke up.  Time to tackle the dishes et al.


  1. Such great sounds kind of magical. I miss you. I owe you a phone call. I will call you. Have a good time in Cambridge. Love, Sara.

  2. Gotta love this kind of weather!! The roads are awful though so go slow on your way out of town tomorrow and most importantly have fun!

  3. I love these pictures! Forest is a true artist :)
    love, Shoko