Monday, January 24, 2011

The family gun

While I was away this weekend with the kids, Aaron went out and bought another gun.  This one is a .22, and when I asked why he needed it, Aaron replied, "Don't think of it as my gun, think of it as the family gun."  Who ever would have thunk I'd end up in a household that has, among other guns, a family gun.  Apparently, it is perfect for learning to shoot with.  Aaron would like me to get adept with it and is hoping, eventually, I will hunt with it.  He also plans to teach the kids when they are old enough.  (He owed his first .22 when he was eight and shot his first deer at ten.)  For Aaron, hunting is all about procuring food.  For me, well, color me ambivalent.  I believe I should be willing to take responsibility for my actions, which, as a meat eater, means being willing to kill animals for food.  But I really don't know if I can.


  1. I say you stick with gathering and let him do the hunting! First things first you need a freezer for sure! Then fingers crossed for a moose permit! What a sweet welcome home gift!

  2. Everyone should learn how to shoot and mantain a gun even if you decide not to hunt with it.

  3. A .22 is about as ubiquitous a firearm as you can find and a useful tool for surviving