Thursday, January 6, 2011

Milk, long time drinker, first time pasteurizer.

Raw milk is legal in Maine.  We were happily buying it at the village store for the whole family until we heard a story on the radio about raw milk that made us rethink giving it to Forest.  (Walker hasn't gotten to cow's milk, yet.)  We still buy raw milk for the grown ups because it is seriously delicious and I can tolerate its lactose.  Today, we ran out of kiddie milk.  So, being car-less, I went online for instructions and pasteurized the NC17 milk.

You simply have to heat the milk to 142 degrees for 30 minutes or 162 degrees for 15 seconds, and then cool it down as fast as possible.  I'm sure the 142 degree route is better, but with the kids waiting for breakfast, I went for speed.  Once it was pasteurized, the magic was gone.  It tasted just like regular, supermarket milk.

My "quick-cool" method:


  1. i quick-cooled pot roast last week that same way!


  2. It works remarkably well. (Mmmmm, pot roast.)