Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Full circle

This morning I looked down and saw a tick meandering across the jeans Forest left lying on the bathroom floor.  And so, we are back where we started.  I put the tick in the toilet and the jeans in the hamper.  Then, a few moments later, I felt a tickle on the bottom of my foot.  I pulled off my sock and found exactly what I expected to, nothing.  The creepy-crawlies of tick season feel more real than the actual ticks.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


No more than a quick throat clearing with this re-entry into blogging.  Certain third world conditions around here currently have the upper hand over me.  Which is to say, our water is not what it should be and, consequently, nor are my guts.

My apologies for the abrupt, unexplained hiatus from blogging.  I blame winter, my children, and inertia.  The long winter started to get me a little down by the absurdly protracted end of it. (Over a foot of snow on April 1!?!)  My children don't let me sleep anywhere near enough for normal brain function.  And inertia can be powerful.  Once I stopped posting, staying stopped was comfy and easy.  I'll do my best to get inertia working in the opposite direction.

Today, I transplanted the beet and rutabaga seedlings Aaron started in our house.  Aaron also put in collards and swiss chard.  We started at the top of our field and have many more trays of seedlings to go.

More soon.