Friday, January 28, 2011

Kill, Daddy, kill!

The other day, Forest announced he would like to go and see some "real live aminals."  I assumed this was inspired by the Barney DVD called "Lets Go To The Farm" that keeps him company while I put Walker to sleep.  Barney and his cheery cohorts collect eggs, make ice cream, and thank sheep for their wool.

"Oh, like on your DVD?"

"I want to see real live aminals so we can eat them."

"Really, what animal do you want to eat?"

"A pig,"  and here he got quite excited, "Maybe if we see a pig in the driveway, Daddy can shoot it, and then we can eat it."  The driveway business is because whenever we see wild turkeys out the window Aaron and I talk about how tasty one would be.  So I guess Forest is on board with the family gun.


  1. Love it! How about start with something simple like squirrel? The Joy of Cooking has a recipe.