Monday, February 14, 2011

Way, way too much stuff

Although Spring is in sniffing distance today, we are still deep in snow around here.  And, sad to say, still deep in boxes.  Yup, when you are prepping for Armageddon and future craft projects the stuff really piles up.  Aaron and I usually agree on how we want to live our lives, but not, alas, on what should be saved and what should be thrown away.  So, we save it all.

I'm probably the worst of the worst, an ex-crafter who wants to craft again.  I know what's needed, but I don't actually use any of it.  The other day, I had trouble parting with a piece of cardboard.  It was the perfect weight to use as backing for, well, something that I might someday make with Forest (or, since the time flies so fast, with Walker).  Meanwhile, Aaron can't part with the smallest scrap of cordage.  (There is no string in this cabin, only cordage.)  Apparently, you can never have enough of the stuff.  And, since I'm obsessed with knitting, I have more boxes filled with yarn than I care to disclose.  In fact, if Christo decided to wrap our cabin he wouldn't need to apply for any grants, we could probably make up to the roof with the yarn and cordage we have on hand.  But, boy, if things really fall apart, we'll be sitting pretty with our freeze-dried butter powder and tubes of glitter glue.

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  1. Oh what you describe is a struggle we all face! So the time is here take that cardboard outside to the driveway and let Forest use it for a sled!! Good times!