Friday, February 4, 2011

Formal invitation

(This blog is intended for a general audience.  This post, however, is written for my friends.  Of course, all are welcome to read it.)

Aaron, Forest, and Walker all have February birthdays.  So we are planning to have a triple-decker celebration President's Day weekend at my parents.  We are hoping some New York people will make the trip. We figure Sunday, the 20th, makes most sense so people can travel on Sat and Mon.

Here are the invitations Forest wrote.  This one says: "Everybody come."
This ones says: "Everybody came to the celebration"

 This one says:  "Come to Mummo and Grandpa's"
I'll spare you the rest of the invitations Forest wrote.  We hope you can make it.  (Let me know if you are thinking of coming.)


  1. We will be traveling to DC that weekend.

    Enjoy and happy birthday to all! :)

  2. Lovely job! Thanks for the invite! We might have to rearrange our plans a bit as those invitations are hard to pass up! Thanks for last night we had such a great time!

  3. I wish I could make it! Happy birthday, everyone!