Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sleeper and tarts

I am now on a butter and cream diet. So naturally, I keep thinking of that scene in Woody Allen’s Sleeper when he learns that all the foods he thought were nutritious are not, whereas all the forbidden foods have proven wholesome and healthy.
For years, I read in the nutrition rags that sugar is nothing to get too worked up about—not nutritious calories, but not harmful either. Fat, on the other hand, was almost always to be minimized. I never thought the day would come that I’d be following Moosewood, Silver Palate, and Victory Garden recipes without reducing the called-for fat, while skimping on the sugar. But here I am, and boy, it’s a yummy place to be. This also explains my new obsession with tarts.
I'm still working on mastering pie/tart crust.

I guess I didn't add enough water this time.

But thanks to the pie crust pointers Phyllis of Dash and Bella shares here I have greater confidence when things don't come together just right. I had to press lots of loose crumbs into this and generally smush it together. Nor did I manage to roll it big enough to fill the pan.
I forged ahead regardless.

We brought in the remaining tomatoes from our three tomato plants, including the green ones, before getting a hard freeze. I've never cooked with green tomatoes before.

Green tomatoes are surprisingly sweet.
Amateur tarts are surprisingly delicious.

More on why I’m eating so much butter and cream soon.

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