Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So much for our plan to winter on-the-grid in Brooklyn

It's official, we are moving to Maine at the end of November.

Aaron gave notice because he got a job in Maine. In the balance, this is excellent, but I'm just not ready to leave Brooklyn on such short notice. On the upside, we'll know what really needs to be done on the cabin to make winter more pleasant going forward. And Aaron put a deposit on a David Bradley walk-behind tractor with a plow attachment. Although it is from the 1940's, it does have a new motor. So we just have to seal up under the house with some straw bales, hook up the flue for the stove, and we're good to go. Oh, and pack up our entire Brooklyn life and say goodbye.


  1. Oh gee, is that all?! Piece of cake.

    Good luck and congrats you guys!

  2. Yeah, like falling off a log--eyes closed, one hand tied behind my back, and sweat-free to boot.