Wednesday, July 7, 2010


That's what the Maine license plates say and we just got a lovely sampling the beauty and fun in our neck of the woods. (If a neck long enough to accommodate a 40 minute drive counts as “ours.”) My parents, my Finnish cousin and her family came for a lovely four-day visit. Activities included the beach and a ferry ride to Vinalhaven for a quick picnic. The last evening of the visit we ate seafood on the bay in Belfast. Pretty blissful.

Now it is back to work. Aaron is in the yard building a door for the wall in the upstairs bedroom so we can store stuff in our eaves—when you have no basement and only two closest for a family of four, you need every scrap of available storage space. Once the door is done, we can get back to hanging sheet rock.

My goal for the rest of our stay is to get this place ready for a one-year-old. I'd hate to arrive with all our stuff next year and have to spend all my time, hawk-like, monitoring Walker to make sure he doesn't crawl into the eaves or start chewing on wiring or grabbing exposed hot water pipes or touching the wood stove, to mention a few of the tasks ahead of us in the next four weeks.

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