Friday, May 14, 2010

What awaits us in Maine

I lingered a little in the shower this morning, despite all we have to do. Showers feel really good and this was my second to last one before 12 weeks of bucket baths. Packing and getting the apartment ready have been so consuming, I barely notice the blueberry plants and haven't been thinking about where we are going and what we'll be doing. So, yes, bucket baths. Even though we do have hot running water up in Maine, we also have a failed leach field and broken faucets in the bathtub. Thank goodness there is already an outhouse on the property. With all we need to get done, I doubt we'll get to fixing the leach field this summer.

Here is the cabin:

It is a 1,000 sq ft log cabin built in the mid-1970's on 14 acres of land. It looks much worse now. The cabin is on piers and we had to pull out the insulative straw bales from around the base (covered in white Tyvek in this picture) to dry out under the house. Several floor joists were already pretty moldy and now need to be replaced. So that is one item on our to do list: jack up the house, switch out the eaten away floor joists, pray no one gets squished.

Tomorrow I'll talk about what it means to be off-the-grid.

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